This page lists the newest items that have been introduced to the range.Follow the links to the category page for full details and further pictures .

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 SAC Salvation Army Citadel


Salvation Army Citadel 1/76 scale OO gauge card kit 

 Edwardian Salvation Army Citadel model based on a real building.

Full details on the Other Items page 


 BSG Blue Star Garage 

 NEW BSG Blue Star Garage and filling station

 This typical 1950s - 60s filling station also provides a workshop with removable roof for access.       Find full details on the Other Items Page


 DGS Dutch Gabled Shops Parade


 This shop parade has three shop units but includes a choice of nine shopfronts. See details on the Shops page.


 NSE  semi detached council houses (two pairs)  N GAUGE


Details on the N gauge page

 NEW SSSM kit with modern style shopfronts 

 Note that the SSM small suburban shops are now available with a selection of modern style shopfronts - look for kit SSSM on the Shops page. 




 Oval Underground Station

 Oval Underground Station. Modelled as it was after the modernisation programme of the 1920s but before recladding in modern times, the building is full of classic LT character.

 Details on the Underground kits page 


 Charles Holden design bus shelter OO gauge 1/76 scale

 These  stylish bus shelters were  designed by Charles Holden in the 1930s, but many survived into the postwar period. 

See details on the LT Other Items page. 



 Main Dealer Showroom

 NEW  This large Main Dealer Showroom comes with signs for three different marques.

Find full details on the Other Items Page 



Modern Office Building Police Station OR Job Centre  MOB Modern Office building

 This full relief building has many uses. Signs are included to build it as a Job Centre or a Police Station. Further details on the Other Items page 




 NEW 1/43 scale car park interior

 This 1/43 scale kit provides a single floor of a multi-storey car park to provide a scenic backdrop for photographing O scale vehicles.

Full details on the 1/43 scale model page


 OKH half relief pub kit in 1/76 scale


This new half relief pub kit can easily be used in a street scene alongside other models from the Kingsway range.

It comes with a choice of six pub names and two breweries.

 Find full details on the Cinemas & Pubs page


    Local Bank card kit can be built with two or three storeys

The LBW Local Bank kit has now been modified to allow the construction of a three storey building OR as before, the two storey version like the original in the village of Wingham.

See the HIgh Street Other Items page for details



CDS Classic Department Store card kit 1/76 scale Cropleys
Based on a real building in Essex, this art deco department store comes with a choice of signage.  See full details on the Shops page.


 NEW  I can now provide self adhesive paper advertisements for 1/24 scale Routemasters from Sunstar and Revell.

A choice of exterior and interior adverts are provided on each sheet and there is a selection of different routes available.



See details on the 1/43 page



 NEW- 1/43 scale Sun Hill police station


Sun Hill Police Station card kit model Kingsway Models


 This popular model is now available in 1/43 scale as well as 1/76.

Details on the 1/43 scale models page


 Truck lorry loading bays warehouse card kit 1/76 scale OO gauge model diorama

NEW - This 1/76 scale half relief truck loading bay has eight dock positions. It comes with a variety of brand signs and safety notices. There are air conditioning units on the roof.

 A great way to display a collection of large goods vehicles.

Details on the Other Items Page



NEW Police HO or Hospital building in 1/76 scale OO gauge


 NEW - This kit can be built as a Hospital or Police Headquarters building for which a  variety of signs are included, or might be used in some other capacity.

Full details on the 999 Emergency page


LUT Atherton Howe Bridge 'lookalike' model bus depot

The Midland Red Shrewsbury depot model is now available with altered signage to produce a 'lookalike' model of the LUT Atherton Howe Bridge depot.

 See details on the Provincial Bus Garage page



Southdown Uckfield depot and bus station card kit


This bus depot and station complex is based on Uckfield. It comprises a depot that will accommodate upto six vehicles, a cafe , conveniences and passenger shelter. The kit comes with signage for Southdown and Uckfield but also with an 'unbranded' alternative. The depot can be posed with doors open or closed, and the roof can readily be made removable. 

Find full details on the Provincial bus garage page.



Modern style shop building 1/76 scale OO gauge


Not a new kit but a new option for the SSM Sixties supermarket kit which now includes a modern day shopfront. See the Shops page for details.


 2 pairs of semi-detached council houses full relief models 1/76 scale

 NEW - Semi-detached council houses (full relief)

 Details on the Housing Page



TERG small Georgian houses full relief card kit


 NEW - Small Georgian terraced houses block of eight full relief

Details on the Housing Page




NEW Angel Public House full relief 1/76 scale OO gauge card model kit


 NEW - Angel Public House full relief model

Details on the Cinemas & Pubs page


NEW Majestic Cinema


 NEW - Majestic Cinema , Mitcham

 Details on the Cinemas & Pubs Page



NEW Postal Delivery Office


 NEW - PDO Postal Delivery Office  typical of similar buildings all over the country is this modern style depot.

Full details on the High Street Other items page



MDG Main Dealer Garage showroom and filling station


 NEW - MDG Main Dealer Garage with showroom & filling station

Details on the Other Items page


AND NOW ALSO IN 1/43 scale 

Details on the 1/43 scale page


O gauge 1/43 scale main dealer garage with showroom




N gauge semi detached houses card building kit


NEW  N gauge modern semi detached houses. Details on the N gauge page




Victorian terraced houses half relief 1/76 scale OO gauge


 NEW - TERD half relief block of four Victorian Terraced houses

See full details on the Housing page



One Stop Shop local store with parking area


 NEW OSS One Stop Shop local store with parking area 

see the High St Shops page for full details

BA GGZ traditional bus dpot kit 1/76 scale OO gauge


NEW - A new style front wall for the Generic Garage Extension kits - a traditional style bus depot modelled on the former United depot at Bishop Auckland. This model could easily be used for almost any bus fleet. It also introduces a new design of garage extension unit - the GGZ. See the Bus Garage Extension page for full details.


N gauge Black Cat pub

 NEW - NBC N gauge Black Cat Tavern public house - details on the

N gauge page



NEW N gauge Georgian terraced houses


 NEW N gauge NTG Georgian Terraced Houses

- details on the N gauge page



NEW 1/76 scale model church kit St Judes

 NEW  SJC St Judes Church - details on the  Other Items page


NTC car tyre centre


 NEW - NTC Newark Tyre Centre details on the Other Items page.


Gainsborough fire station


 NEW GBF Gainsborough Fire Station details on the 999 Emergency page




Aldgate Underground station 1/76 scale card kit


 NEW  ALD Aldgate Underground Station details on the Underground page



The items on this page are only the most recent additions to the range - please use the menu at the top of the page to see what else is available.

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