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Coming soon - 1/43 scale main dealer garage


NOW AVAILABLE -  OMDG 1/43 scale Main Dealer & showroom.

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 The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts require to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly.

 See HERE for what is involved in assembling a kit.


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 OLC Little Chef restaurant

This is a model of a typical roadside Little Chef restaurant. The building itself measures approximately 10" x 11", but plenty of space should be left for an ample car park.

Little Chef 1/43 scale O scale Little Chef restaurant model

The car park base in the picture is simply painted hardboard.  The photo above has been taken in front of a photographic background.

The kit includes classic and modern signs, and a length of paving.


 Price: C

1/43 scale Little Chef card model kit 



lock up garages

OLU  Lock-up garages block

 A set of four lock up garages. Each garage is a scale 7' wide by 18' long. A selection of different style garage doors - lift up and side hung - are included. They can be posed open or closed.
Asimple kit that could be the basis for a detailed diorama - add some figures, tools, cars of your choice. Plenty of scope for constructing an attractive scene in which to display 1/43 scale cars.

The block of four garages measures approximately 9.5" wide by 5.5" deep.

Price: A

lock up garages


This model really lends itself to having extra details added.The view below shows what can be done with a little effort.

 Kingsway Models lock up garages



 1/43 scale main dealer & showroom garage

 OMDG  Half relief Main Dealer Garage with petrol pumps and showroom


This impressive model has a footprint of 20" x 10.5", and you will need some extra forecourt space in front as well.  It's ideal for displaying all kinds of 1/43 scale diecast vehicles.

 The showroom area will accommodate four vehicles under cover, and more could be displayed alongside. Windscreen price labels are included in the kit.


Forecourt detail with classic petrol pumps in 1/43 scale


The building is based on one in Hessle , East Yorkshire. A variety of signs are included in the kit, along with four classic petrol pumps which may be given one of four different brands. You will need to provide some thin black wire to represent the hoses.

 A variety of garage signs are included to be added as desired.

Although not especially complex, this is currently the largest kit in the Kingsway range.

Price: D


1/43 scale car showroom card kit



1/43 scale petrol garage with showroom card kit





1/43 scale second hand car dealership card kit O gauge

OSHC  Second Hand Car Dealership (half relief)

This half relief building is modelled on a real building along the A13 in Essex. It measures just over 16" wide and with the included paving is approximately 8" deep and stands 8" high.

 The building has full interior detail. Just add some 1/43 scale figures alongside your Vanguard or other O scale cars to make a realistic scene that is ideal for close up photography.

Included in the kit are some period windscreen price cards.

The kit has four choices of signage for the dealer.

Price: C



Half relief card kit Second Hand Car Dealership 1/43 scale


 1/43 Fords for sale!


The showroom is in two sections with full interior detail.


Plenty of space inside the showroom for six cars. Paving is included and if you allow a strip of road in front, it provides a background for other vehicles to be placed on the main road.




1/43 scale car showroom diorama from Kingsway Models

 O scale car diorama showroom 1/43

 A choice of four different dealer signs.







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