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For an explanation of what is involved in construction of the kits, please click HERE


The Kingsway Models range of includes examples of terraced and semi-detached houses of varied styles. These span the period from the nineteenth century to the present day. Terraces range from small workers cottages to rather grand Georgian townhouses.

For many layouts, a half relief model (that has no rear) is helpful in saving space. Many of the houses are also available as full relief models (front & rear). 

Model houses give the opportunity for some individual modelling - most of the kits have doors of different colours. The white window frames of modern times can be changed quite easily to the traditional range of colours with colour pencils. Gardens and yards can be created with scenic products. 

Many of the buildings will have changed use over the years. Consider changing a once impressive townhouse into a scruffy multi-occupation building. The model could be shown undergoing conversion or even awaiting repair after a fire!

Check the kit options carefully - some of semi-detached houses are available cheaper according to quantity.

There is also a half relief block of flats from the 1960s that stands 17" tall. Two can be joined to make a full block, and for fans of Only Fools and Horses, it includes signs for Nelson Mandela House!

See photos of how the flats are built HERE.

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See how Kingsway Models buildings can be used in dioramas on the DIORAMAS page.

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