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About Kingsway Models
& how the kits are built


Kingsway Models offers a range of distinctive card building kits.
These are mainly in the commonly used 1/76 scale suitable for OO gauge model railways, although there is also a smaller range in 1/43 (O gauge).


A comparison of different scales. The larger Little Chef model is to 1/43 scale. In this scale a human figure would be 42mm tall.


The smaller model is to 1/76 scale  in which a human figure would be 24mm tall.  The model has had a small diorama base added.

1-76 1-43 comparison scale comparison

Ready built models are now rarely sold by Kingsway Models - I simply do not have the time to build models to order, these days. Occasionally I may have 'first build' examples of new kits. Should any become available they will only be sold through this site.  See HERE

I have been a model maker for over fifty years, with a general interest in London Transport.  In the early 2000s I built a fictional Underground layout called Cromwell Road, featuring scratchbuilt  surface stock trains. For more pictures click the button.


Later,  I exhibited a couple of London Transport themed tramway layouts based on real locations - the Kingsway Subway , and Dog Kennel Hill.

For pictures of the Kingsway Subway layout click the button.

For pictures of the Dog Kennel Hill  layout click the button.

Cromwell Road


Kingsway Subway


Dog Kennel Hill

Models of real buildings seemed to really capture the interest of the viewers.  I wondered if I could design a card kit of the well known Kingston bus station.

This became the first Kingsway kit, later joined by the adjacent cinema.


These two kits are still available, amongst a large range of other bus garages, and cinemas, and shops and churches, and pubs, and houses, and .......... many others!

The first Kingston kits were sold in 2006.  Many other bus garages followed, and then Underground stations.

Since then I have gone on to design well over a hundred other card building kits.

I still model London trams and very occasionally exhibit my latest portable layout - Kennington Cross, which includes many Kingsway items in standard and modified form.

High Street 1600_1642770911.webp

Building the kits......

The kits are not precut. You will need to be able to cut stout mounting card, approximately 1.4mm thick. For this you will need to use a sharp knife and steel rule, on a cutting mat. The kits are not designed for children although older children may enjoy assisting an adult.
Many buildings will have a number of window openings that will need to be cut out individually.

The kits are designed to be assembled by adults. They vary in size and complexity but even the smallest are likely to occupy the builder for a full afternoon. Larger models could take a few days.....

Use Bostik All Purpose contact glue or UHU to glue the parts together.

I suggest that you should not use pva glue.

Please look carefully at the photos below to learn more about the contents of the kits, and/or download a typical instruction sheet using one of the red buttons.

KNIFERULE bostik uhu_1613414685.webp
Building the kits
pencil edges.JPG

A pencil with a long lead (cut with a knife) is especially helpful for colouring cut edges. Use a 2B or 3B grade to enable different shades to be applied as required.

In a similar fashion, coloured felt tip pens are often useful to match certain parts.

BCT construction.jpg

Note that the card is not precut.

The most important skill that is required is the ability to cut thick mounting card (1.4mm thick) safely and accurately.     Because of this, the kits are not suitable for children. 

kit contents_1590846188.webp

Kit contents

A kit will contain a number of sheets of mounting card with the parts printed on. Many kits will also have thinner sheets of card to enable curved parts to be constructed, or alternative names or signs to be applied.
There will be a sheet of instructions with diagrams showing the process of construction.

Click a button below to see a specimen instruction sheet.

modern bus station.jpg

Click one of the pictures below to see a photo sequence of a kit build. Click the individual pictures to see captions.


ST Staines bus garage                     FLATS Block of flats                           H  Hackney bus garage

The video shows the build sequence of the Kingsway Models SJC, St Jude's church kit.

To see further details of the kit click the button.

Half relief

Many of the buildings are half relief. This means that there is no rear detail to the model.
Half relief buildings take up less space and are especially useful on a model railway or diorama where the layout is viewed only from one direction.


Full relief

Kits that are described as full relief will build a model that can be viewed from all sides. The picture shows how full relief and half relief models may be used together to create a scene.

Small beginnings_1598703284.webp

Distinctive models

Each based on a real building

Kingsway Models

From the smallest beginnings....

(circa 1962)

Kingsway Models

Model buildings .........

.... created in card

Kingsway Models

John church Trinty Sq_1619283583.webp

..... and on and on

38813040355_3854b5149c_o (1)-001_1634127

Kingsway Models

.......... the cat's whiskers!

The kits are designed by myself, drawing on many years of personal model making. Many of the models in the range were inspired by suggestions from customers, but as demand has grown over the years, new additions are now much less frequent.

Kits are printed and packed and posted by myself with occasional assistance from Blueberry. Usually orders will be posted within 24 hours (except at weekends). Occasionally at busy times, it may be slightly longer.

I will usually respond within a day or so to email enquiries. 

Orders by post are welcome. The CONTACT page gives details of how this can be done.

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