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Many of the buildings in the Kingsway range will be suitable for a street tramway layout. Whilst there are also a couple of London tram depot frontages available, it may be useful to look through the LT bus garage category as many had a tramway history. Poplar, Wood Green and Edmonton are some that might be considered.

If required, I can provide kits with plain brick (instead of signage) over the entrance. Use the CONTACT page.

The advertisment sheets listed below are relevant for London Trams of the LCC and LT periods. The adverts have been researched from prototype photographs with additional reference to brand colours of the day - they are as accurate as I can make them!

This is 'Kennington tram depot' on my own London tram layout. It is based on the Kingsway Models Wandsworth WD kit, with some extra brick and window parts which roughly follow the style and arrangement during tram days, as far as my rather different (from prototype) track layout allows.

Kennington tram depot.jpg

Another view of the depot with a couple of E1s displaying the very common and long lived Bisto side advertisment (from the LT sheet) as well as various smaller ones.


The ADV advert posters were a typical sight during the tramway era. This display is on the end wall of a TERBF Large Georgian terraced house. 

This was a 'round the room' shelf layout that I built some years ago. Two of my E1s are seen at Trinity Square.

The poster is in the style of the LCC / LT poster series, and shows another part of the layout.

ADV adverts.jpg

Another view of Kennington Cross, showing typical tram era features. The APH Angel pub has been modified to house a cafe and a radio shop.

The curved art deco CMM Majestic cinema once stood in Tooting. 

The UCC Feltham tram carries 'demiside' adverts which are included on the LT trams sheet.

The faux LCC / LT tramway poster shows the CWLO Odeon cinema on the shelf layout.

Further tram models may be flound through the LINKS page.

by tram to the cinema.jpg

Authentic E1 tram music amongst Kingsway buildings

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