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Free to download

This page enables you to download some useful items that may be printed and used to improve your models.
It also contains a few kits that have previously been released as 'Christmas Downloads'. Each year a new kit is added.
To download the sheet you require, click on the
blue K number to display the pdf file, which may be printed or downloaded. 

Free accessories for your models

Here the PITS kit has been extended using free download sheets K101 and K101A which provides interior bus garage walls to match.

These can be added to any of the bus garages. Notice also the garage backscene sheet that has also been used.

LCBS AN Atlantean bus model in a model bus garage diorama

The garage backscene gives the impression of a larger building.

Left -  the compact size of the diorama can be seen. Remember this is made using just the PITS kit, and then adding freedownloads available from this page. (See below)

The diorama itself is anonymous and thus suitable for any model buses from any fleet.

Odds & ends free to download - click the blue K number

Here are some items that may be useful for adding to some of the kits, or to your own models.
Please do not distribute these files further, but direct your friends to this website.


K101 Bus garage internal wall with doors and notice boards.        


KI01A Bus garage internal wall plain    

K102A Bus garage roof.



K103 Underground Station floor tiles

keep left.jpg

K105  1950s style Keep Left bollards. Simple fold up & glue construction.

Bus garage interior backscenes - a choice of four. Can be used at the rear of the garage interior

K104 Underground station internal walls & ticket machines


K117 Garden fences

K200 NBC bus fleet signs for renaming bus garages

Downloadable kits - click the blue K number

Note that the kits may have three sheets or more including instructions. Check the instructions to see which media the pages should be printed / mounted on - paper, thin card, or thick card.

Download the pdf file by clicking the blue K number.

I usually add a new kit each Christmas.  Here you can download the kits from previous years.

The kits are designed for 1/76 scale (OO gauge) to be printed on A4 paper.  It may be possible to rescale them.  

For example print at 50% for N gauge.  

Print at 87% for HO gauge.

Print at 175% for O gauge 1/43 (however the images will 'overflow' onto more than one sheet, and will need to be rejoined - not an easy job)

K201 Two different styles of London Transport bus shelter

 1 sheet

K202 An Underground station from a well known BBC soap. The design of the building is very much the BBC's idea of a London Underground station.

 3 sheets

K203 A low relief 'Metroland' semi detached house.

 3 sheets


K204 Buy your Bostik glue here!

2 sheets

K205 Half relief buildings - solicitor & estate agent.

 3 sheets

K206 Rovers Return pub, from the well loved TV soap. 

 4 sheets


K207 Half relief model of the Buxton post office from which Kingsway Models are posted.

 2 sheets


K208 Half relief model of three scruffy city buildings. Two shops with a pub between.

 3 sheets


K209 A half relief model of numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street, official residences of the British Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Add Ratio plastic railings for the full effect.

 4 sheets

K210 This small building from Muswell Hill has been part of London bus history for nearly a century. It serves as a rest room for bus crews. It might also be useful as a public convenience, or public shelter at the seaside or in a park.

 4 sheets

K211 This is the building used as Arkwright's store in the TV comedy series, 'Open All Hours', and 'Still Open All Hours'. 
There are three pages of kit parts and a page of instructions

 4 sheets

K212 A toliet block that used to stand outside Tottenham Hotspur football stadium.Typical of similar buildings that were once common all over the country, and can fit into any urban scene. 

 3 sheets

Arkwrights shop from Open All Hours built by Dave Scadge from Hull. Kingsway Models freedownload.

One day, Granville, all this will be y-yours

I often wonder how many of the freebie kits are actually built, and also how well they turn out.

Take a look at this superbly detailed example of Arkwright's shop, that has been built by Dave Scadge from Hull.

Click on the picture and count how many stock items Granville has to set out every morning!


K213   Spiegelhalters jewellers shop stood at 81 Mile End Road. In the 1920s the surrounding properties were bought up and a huge department store, called Wickhams was built. However the Spiegelhalters refused to sell.

This shop is typical of the Victorian era and similar to thousands that were built.

 2 sheets

K214 Lizzies pie shop.jpg


A recreation of part of the set from the classic  'Carry On Cabby' film. A traditional and male taxi firm finds trouble when a new, flashy and female, competitive firm starts up. A small garage with pumps and car lift, and even roof signs for 'Glamca' Cortinas, are included!

 3 sheets

A new freebie kit is usually added to this page each year  at Christmas time!

000 CHRISTMAS B1 1144.jpg
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Although free to download kits can be fun, they do require preparation - printing, finding the card, etc. etc.

Take a look below, at some of the most popular kits from the range that come all ready prepared for you to cut out and build!

Best sellers

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