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If you have built something special with your Kingsway kits, then feel free to submit some photos to

It will not be possible to show everything but if you have a couple of photos that might inspire others, it would be great to see them! 

IMPORTANT - look carefully at the examples below.

Many have had extra items added and/or have been specially modified.

Peter Månsson (1).jpg

Mornington Crescent  built from the LG kit by Peter Månsson from Sweden.

Peter Månsson (2).jpg
David Fisher.JPG

St Judes church (SJC kit) built by David Fisher.

Whilst it is possible to provide sufficient light to illuminate through the thin card windows, David has replaced these with custom printed plasiic ones.

It's important to ensure that no light 'leaks' through any poor joins or areas of thin card walls.

Maurice Still asm4.JPG

This stunning model has been built by Maurice Still using the ASM Ambulance Station kit with the GGX extension.

The extra detail added, both inside and out really brings this model to life.

It really is a model where one wishes to be reduced in size and be able to explore!

Maurice Still asm.JPG
Maurice Still asm3.JPG
Maurice Still asm2.JPG

Two photos of a diorama built by Graham McQueen that uses a number of Kingsway Models buildings. The layout has much added detail and includes many interesting road vehicles.

David Vaughan1.JPG
David Vaughan2_inPixio.jpg

A lovely pair of photos showing a busy street junction in the 1950s. This diorama has been built by David Vaughan.  There is a load of excellent detail and superb models of lorries from the preiod. The buildings quite rightly simply fade into the background in this realistic scene from the past.


Andy McLelland has produced some fine bus garages. The SJ Swanley model above has been extended to the rear with a side entrance added. A host of appropriately blinded  vehicles are on display (must be a Sunday afternoon?).

He is a master of the very tricky task of adding backscenes. Look at the road going off into the distance. 


The  WD Wandsworth model above has been given interior detail using interior backscenes available from the Free Downloads page. The model is supplemented with the adjacent office building seen to the left. This has been researched and built entirely by Andy.

Andy Mclelland Musselburgh.jpg

More recently Andy has looked to Scotland , and has built the SMW Musselburgh model. This is still a work in progress but is looking good.

Note the use of garage backscenes to give depth to the scene.

Find these on the Freedownloads page

Andy has a penchant for long views in his dioramas. This is never easy to do, but take a look at the excellent result below.

smw interior_edited.jpg
long view.JPG
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