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Miscellaneous buildings

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Miscellaneous buildings

All kind of buildings that did not quite fit into other categories!

Are you looking for a model building that can really be full of interest? Model figures and vehicles can nowadays be found to complement all kinds of scenes.

This category includes several motor trade premises including servicing and sales. There are loading bays for Royal Mail and goods delivery. A large variety of cinemas are available - how about a long queue of assorted  characters waiting outside?

Chose from two different Little Chef roadside restaurants or a more modern fast food outlet with choice of branding.

A modern office building comes with a selection of signs including Police station and Job Centre. An impressive Large Public Office can also be used as a Police station or as a traditional style hospital that could be out of 'Carry on Nurse'!

There are churches that could be the setting for a wedding , or funeral, or Christmas carol service. The Salvation Army citadel could have a brass band marching past.


A corner bank is a distinctive building common on the streets even if nowadays they have been repurposed. An art deco telephone exchange (with Post Office option) is available; and the kit includes a small rural telephone exchange building that could be next to the village railway station.

A motorway concrete overbridge in the original M1 style can be found here, along with a simple to use paving kit that can quickly bring a diorama together.

Don't miss 1950s style posters and boards, and also similar ones adorning a 1980s style car park.

CPW car park wasteground diorama 1/76 scale advert posters Coca cola

The ultimate diorama for model vehicles is perhaps a motorway scene!  The MWB motorway bridge kit makes this possible.

For an explanation of what is involved in construction of the kits, please click HERE

See how Kingsway Models buildings can be used in dioramas on the DIORAMAS page.

Car park wasteground. 1/76 scale card kit from Kingsway Models.

Not exactly a building - this 'car park wasteground' is nonetheless an excellent space filler. 

The kit comes complete with parking bays and ticket machines, and eight period posters which will bring back memories of the 1980s.

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