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London Underground

London Underground

The Underground range of kits includes a small number of station buildings representing just a few of the different styles on the system.

There are also some more generic items which will hopefully be useful - tube tunnel platforms, embankment walls for the subsurface lines, escalators and general interior items for stations.

1/76 Leslie Green style Undergground station Kingsway Models
Underground tube platform
Charles Holden style Underground station 1/76 scale Kingsway Models
ESCW 1/76 escalator kit
KUS 002.jpg

This new Underground station building is compact and useful where space is tight.  It can easily be incorporated into a row of shops or other buildings.

A classic design inspired by a 1920s building that was finally replaced in the mid-1970s. 

KUS - Kingsway Underground Station

For an explanation of what is involved in construction of the kits, please click HERE