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Gallery - just a few examples of built models

Kingsway Models card kit High Street 800.jpg
A 1/76 scale city scene showing London Transport buses and trams and an Underground station in 1950.  Card models of real buildings from the Kingsway Models range.

The wide range of Kingsway Models buildings can be used in many different ways; from being additions to model railway layouts , to use on large or small dioramas. This page shows a selection of completed buildings.

1/76 scale Little Chef cafe typical of British roads from 1960 - 1990

LC Little Chef Appleby 1/76 

Wandsworth bus garage in 1/76 scale with Routemaster buses awaiting service, and training buses in the background.

WD Wandsworth bus garage 1/76 

1/76 scale card model of a terrace of Edwardian houses common to many parts of Britain. The model is built from the Kingsway TERC kit with additional scenery items used for the gardens.

TERC Edwardian terraced houses 1/76 

1/76 scale block of flats built from the Kingsway Models card kit.

FLATS 1960s tower block 1/76 

High Road shops from the Victorian period and still common throughout Britain. The kit includes a choice of shopfronts and signs.

HRS High Road shops 1/76 

1/43 scale card model of a main dealer garage with petrol pumps and showroom.

OMDG Main Dealer Garage  1/43 

A typical out of town DIY store with choice of branding.

DIY Do it yourself store 1/76 

1/76 scale card model of London Transport's Barking bus garage, as it was on the last day of RT bus operation.

BK Barking bus garage 1/76 

A 1/76 scale card model of Petts Wood Embassy cinema.

CPWE Petts Wood Embassy cinema 1/76 

The Dutch Gabled shops kit contains three shops with a choice of nine different shopfronts. Three kits can be used side by side.

DGS Dutch Gabled Shops 1/76 

1/76 card model of a parish church with a 12" tall spire.

SJC St Judes Church 1/76 

1/76 scale bus inspection pits.

PITS bus garage inspection pits 1/76 

Modern style semidetached houses in 1/76 scale.

SEMD Modern semidetached houses 1/76 

Lock up garages in 1/43 scale suitable for O scale model cars.

OLU Lock up garages 1/43 

An example of what can be built using the GGX range of garage extension kits.
GGX extension units can extend model bus garages or enable you to design your own.

GGX GGZ MOD BA Garage extension range  1/76 

Holby Casualty entrance in 1/76 scale.

HC Holby Casualty 1/76 

A modern 'nose in' bus station in 1/76 scale.

MBS Modern bus station 1/76 

1/76 scale Dockhead fire station as featured in the London's Burning TV series.

DOC Dockhead (London's Burning) 1/76 

1/76 scale Large Public Office - this multipurpose kit is shown here as a traditional 'Carry On Nurse' hospital.

LPO Large Public Office (hospital option) 1/76 

Charles Holden style London Underground station in 1/76 scale.

Kingsway Models buildings are used on this 1/76 scale London Tramway layout - Kennington Cross.

1/76 scale card model buildings from the Kingsway Models range.
RD sky small.jpg

RD Hornchurch bus garage 1/76

NS small.jpg

NS Romford (North Street) bus garage  1/76

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