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The characteristic tiled tube station building is still a common sight in London. A basic 'kit of parts' was used in different ways for a large number of the early deep level tube stations.

The kit provides a range of pieces that can be assembled to represent many of the prototype stations, or you can design your own.

A variety of arched window combinations is provided along with internal wall, ticket machines and lift doors. A pair of shop units are included as well as a selection of station name signs. There is a choice of round or rectangular small windows.

Many of the original buildings have since had office blocks built on top.

The stations have many detail differences and have been adapted in many ways over their long history. This kit will NOT completely build any station but will help you on your way to doing so!


The kit is NOT intended to build any one particular prototype, but allows the builder to select what they need from a variety of parts. You might be inspired by a particular station, or just invent your own! David Leboff's excellent book 'The Underground Stations of Leslie Green' is highly recommended.


The kit will ONLY BUILD THE FRONT WALL of the building.

The builder will have to provide extra card for flat roofs and external side walls (use plain brick paper for these).

The kit will provide enough material for two or more frontages depending upon the design you choose. Note that the photographs may show additional parts not included in the kit.

LG Leslie Green style Underground station frontage kit 1/76

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    Flat rate UK tracked postage is £3.
    Remember, orders totalling more than £25 are post free.

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    THIS IS IMPORTANT : The card building kits sold on this website are not precut. If you have not already done so, please click the button below to learn what skills are required to construct the models.

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