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Potters Bar was the northernmost of the central area garages. It was originally the operating base for the Overground company. The garage provided vehicles for routes towards London such as the 29 and 134, and also for those that headed towards the country area such as 84 and 242.

After WW2 the garage was used to rehabilitate vehicles from wartime to peacetime work. New RTs arrived in 1947 and ruled supreme until RMs arrived from August 1964. 

In the early seventies MBs and SMSs arrived and the unique FRM was allocated for the short 284 route when its companion XAs were sold to Hong Kong. PB was one of the few garages to operate FS minibuses. DMSs and DMs were operated and in turn were replaced by Ms from 1981.

The half reliefmodel depicts the entire frontage and measures approximately 38" long.

PB Potter Bar LT central bus garage 1/76

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