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Bromley Garage was opened in 1924. Despite being built by the LGOC the garage was one of those allocated to Thomas Tilling Ltd, accounting for the code TB. Tilling vehicles remained in evidence until as late as 1949 when the last of the STL type were dispensed with.

RTs were a central part of Bromleys allocation for many years from 1948, with RTWs operated in 1950 and RFs from 1952 for the 227 route. MBs arrived in 1968 and SMSs in 1971. DMS lasted from 1972 to 1979 and the garage was one of a handful to work FS minibuses. RMs were late arriving only in 1975.

This half relief kit measures approximately 22" wide and 10" deep. If fastened to a base, it may be constructed with a removable roof to give access to the inside.

TB Bromley LT central bus garage 1/76

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