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Ready built London bus garages

A rare opportunity!

In recent times I simply haven't had the time to offer ready built models.
However, a recent rearrangement of my workroom has resulted in two London bus garage models from the Kingsway range now being available for sale.
There is one country garage, and one central.
Each is sited on a baseboard of 6mm MDF, finished with some scenic detailing and extra items not included in the standard kits. This is a rare opportunity.

Details below

BK Barking central bus garage


Barking Garage was opened in 1924 to provide buses for the postwar expansion in housing eastwards from London. Before the second war, the allocation was entirely double deck LTs. Wartime G austerity vehicles were then allocated with RTLs coming in the fifties until RTs took over in 1958. Some RTWs and SRTs were also allocated.

Barking's main claim to fame was that it was the last garage to operate the RT on 7th April 1979.

The model depicts the building as it was at this time, with the distinctive (but at that time disused) entrance doors on the corner. 

A representation of the vehicle yard is provided, albeit not as large as it should be, there is room enough for a number of RTs.

Thr roof of the garage parking area is removable, and the rear wall has an internal garage backscene.

Half of the road outside is represented with paving, lamp posts and keep left bollards.

The yard has a mixture of 'wooden' and 'wire mesh' fencing.

The vehicles and figures shown in the photos are NOT included.


The price is £50

The model is NOT SUITABLE FOR POSTING, and so MUST BE collected from Buxton Derbyshire.

Use the Contact Page to message me if you wish to buy, or ask questions.

Only one model is available.

First come - first served.

GD Godstone country bus garage


Godstone garage was opened in 1925, and built to a similar style to Chelsham. They were both owned by the LGOC but operated by the East Surrey Traction Co. Ltd. 

Godstone was famous for operating a batch of lowbridge STLs known as 'Godstone STLs', and in London Country times had the use of the small class of AF Daimler Fleetlines. 

The model is shown during London Transport days. There is a generous sized forecourt with a fence and poster boards.

The garage doors may be moved to show 'open' and 'closed'.

Transparent rooflight windows are fitted and an internal garage backscene is installed.

Note that the vehicles shown in the photos are NOT included.


The price is £45 including Tracked 24 postage to a UK address.   Sorry, not available for international postage.

Use the Contact Page to message me if you wish to buy or ask questions.

Only one model is available.

First come - first served.


Unfortunately, I do not usually have the time to build models to order, so it is very unlikely that any similar examples will be offered

If you are interested, then be quick!

B1 512.jpg
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